In 2015 Bordeaux has been elected Best European Destination and not without reason. There are indeed quite a few things to see and visit. By the way readers of the New York Times voted the city second best after Mexico City in 2016 and in 2017 Bordeaux was voted best by Lonely Planet . About time you went for a visit.

To avoid parking problems you may want to drive to Lormont and park there. That will cost you only € 4,50 for the whole day and includes a return ticket to the centre of Bordeaux with the tramway for you and all your passengers. Dogs are allowed on the tramway, but you need to ask for an extra (free) ticket. So basicly you only have to drive 40 miles to have a great day out in the city.

Below the link to the route description from the campsite to Lormont and below that the link to the website of T.B.M. (Transport Metrople Bordeaux) where you can find all information about public transport in and around Bordeaux.


Pictures of Bordeaux

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