Market in Montguyon

The market in Montguyon
The market in Montguyon

Every wednesday and saturday morning a little market is held in Montguyon on the square in front of the city hall.

The bigger markets in the area of the campsite are:

 - Monday morning in Chalais (11 miles) nice to combine with a visit to the underground church in Aubeterre-sur-Dronne which is only 7,5 miles from Chalais

 - Tuesday morning in Jonzac (25 miles)

 - Wednesday morning in Coutras (15 miles)

 - Thursday morning in Montendre (15 miles)

 - Friday morning in Ribérac (28 miles)

 - Saturday morning in Coutras (15 miles) and in Jonzac (25 miles)

 - Sunday morning in St Seurin sur l'Isle (25 miles) and in Montendre (15 miles) and in Jonzac (25 miles)



Marché nocturne (evening market)

Marché nocturne near the castle in Montguyon
Marché nocturne near the castle in Montguyon

Every summer several villages in the region organise a "Marché Nocturne" or evening market. These are mainly about food prepared on site that you can enjoy at long cozy tables.

Entertainment is usually in the form of dance and music. The marché nocturne of Montendre that is held every tuesday evening during high season is very busy. Well worth a visit and you can bring your own cutlery.


Marché noncturne Montguyon

img It starts around 18h30img This one was held on the new square below the castle ruinsimg As said with dancingimg and singing as entertainmentimg The