This list will probably be extended in due time

On this page we give you some information about the restaurants in the vicinity of the campsite at random order. This ranges from the local pizzeria to renowned restaurants.

To simplify things we have left out restaurants in the bigger and more touristic places such as Bordeaux, Blaye, Saint Emilion and so on. Surely when you visit those you will find something to your liking.


Le Bistrot du Circuit (4,5m)

Lieu-dit le Châtaignier, 17360 La Genétouze.  Tel 05 46 04 16 96     Just after the entrance to the circuit "Pôle Mécanique de Haute-Saintonge".       Also see our cycling trips "Trip around the circuit" (14,4m) and "Saint Martin de Coux and the circuit combined" (30m)


Aire de loisirs de Beauvallon (4,5m)

Lieu-dit Permasse (Lac Beau Vallon), 17270 Montguyon.  Tel 05 46 04 22 99               Also see our cycling trips "Montguyon and la Voie Verte" (20m) and "Lac Beau Vallon direct" (9m)


l'Art dit Vin in Saint-Aigulin (9,5m)

15, Avenue Maréchal Leclerc, 17360 Saint-Aigulin.  Tel 05 46 48 67 52          Also see our cycling trip "Saint-Aigulin" (24,2m)


Auberge des Lacs Bleus (7,5m)

4, Rue du Jeu de Quille, 17270 Clérac.  Tel 05 46 70 44 08         Also see our cycling trip "Clérac" (17m)


Le Bon Temps in La Roche-Chalais (10,5m)

38, Avenue d'Aquitaine, 24490 La Roche Chalais.  Tel 05 53 90 92 14


À la Fourch'ète or Pizza d'Ary (4m)

4, Route de Royan, 17270 Saint Martin d'Ary / Montguyon.  Tel 06 71 09 57 22


Le Bistrot du Marché (2,5m)

On the right side in the building of the Intermarché at the roundabout entering Montguyon.  Tel 05 46 04 96 16   Also see our cycling trip "Intermarché"


Le Kiosque à Pizza (2,5m)

Z.A. Clairvent (the roundabout near the Intermarché)  Tel 05 46 70 45 64  or  06 27 88 62 74  Daily from 10h30 - 13h30 and 17h30 - 21h00.


La cerise sur le gâteau near Saint Aigulin (9,5m)

Le Bois de Lamet, 17360 Saint-Aigulin.  Tel 09 62 18 15 13  or  06 73 36 86 54  Only on reservation.